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Economic Recovery

branch overview

Ensuring residents can re-establish businesses and provide the goods and services that make our County a vibrant place to visit, work and live is a key priority. The focus of the Economic Recovery Branch is to coordinate with the County’s public, private, and non-profit efforts to develop a long-term vision for our local economy.

Co-Leads: Chad Criswell & Dominic Cameratta

Jay Johnson

Donna Germain

John Lai

Ryan Markham

Ben Spence

Shane Spring

Rob Wells

Tim Abbott

Tim Mitchel

Ben Siegel

Frank Bonifilia

Robert Galloway

Kevin Barbot

Jonathan Gabel

Jacki Liszak

Steven Weathers

Jim Magnus

Bill Johnson, Jr.

Kyle Moran

  • Identify partnerships and incentives supporting the workforce, such as affordable housing near jobs and availability of technical certifications, to draw new populations to the area and encourage the generations raised in Lee County to stay here

  • Identify short-term actions that support the rapid recovery of businesses, including access to financing, and marketing the tourism-based economy

  • Rebuild more public access to natural resources

  • Prioritize industry-sector growth to build a resilient economy




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