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Education & Workforce

branch overview

Providing educational opportunities for residents of all ages – from access to higher education to job training for career changers - is essential for promoting a productive and dynamic workforce. The Education and Workforce Branch will help ensure educational opportunities serve the current Southwest Florida economy but are also designed to anticipate changes as a new economy emerges.

Lead: Mike Martin

Dr. Denise Carlin

Katy Errington

Jamie Lienhardt-Engle

Dr. Guido A. Minaya, MBA, ED. D

John Roth

Laura Siebenmorgen

Aysegul Timur

T. Sharon Woodbery

Mike Wukitsch

Jamie Weisinger

Todd Everly

Phyllis Calloway

  • Improve workforce participation by increasing skilled and credentialed workers to fill jobs in Lee County with an emphasis on making technical certifications available, drawing new populations to the area and incentivizing younger generations to stay in Lee County

  • Create ways to partner and leverage resources to increase shared ownership of education, to improve outcomes and opportunities from early childhood education to career

  • Create systems that foster lifelong learning and training opportunities for all

  • Address outside variables (housing, transportation, mental health, childcare, etc.) that hinder education and workforce




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