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Natural Resources

branch overview

The Natural Resources Branch is focused on the protection and recovery of our natural resources and environment. This includes actions taken to preserve, conserve, rehabilitate, and restore these resources in determining what it takes to make our County more resilient.

Lead: Dan DeLisi

Daniel Andrews

Ryan Berger

Chadd Chustz

James Evans

Kate Gooderham

Joanne Ribble

Dr. Maya Robert

Dr. Mary Beth Saunders

Bethany Brosious

Casey Streeter

Matt Caldwell

Holly Milbrandt

Emily Porter

Fred Forbes (Councilman)

Ron George, Ph.D.

Randall Jones

Justin Mahon

  • Determine regulatory actions and incentives to address impacts of natural resources, including identifying mixed-use spaces for that can be used for future debris staging with minimal to no impact to the environment

  • Direct actions to improve hydrological and ecological conditions

  • Create public education and awareness campaigns to reduce the impact on natural resources




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