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Planning & Capacity

branch overview

As the County recovers, it is critical to build plans that account for livability, choice, and access for all. The Planning and Capacity Branch will work to ensure County plans address where people live, work, and play while strengthening the community to be healthy, resilient, and safe for residents and businesses.

Co-Leads: Syd Kitson & Sandra Stilwell Youngquist

Jennifer Hagen

Alvin Henderson

Ron Martin

David Mintz

Stephanie Wardein

Megan Strayhorn

Lisa Swinto

Eric Pfeifer

Matthew Leger

Danny Ballard

Steve Belden

David Farmer

  • Plan for improved short-term recovery response (immediately post-disaster), including but not limited to public communications pre-, during, and post-disaster

  • Increase inter-governmental coordination for long-term planning for resiliency factoring in growth

  • Propose planning community priorities based on those hardest hit




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