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Health & Social Services

Descripción general

The damage caused by Hurricane Ian has made access to healthcare and social services for residents more important than ever. The Health and Social Services Branch will ensure the development and delivery of healthcare and social services enables the community to be resilient.

Lead: Troy Churchill

Dana Begley

Dawn Belamarich

Nicole Calderone

Greg Dewitt

Therese Everly

Dr. Tom Felke

Julie Ferguson

Angela Katz

Jorge M Quiñonez, M.D.

Ken Smith

David Brown

Stefanie Ink-Edwards

Jeannine Joy

Maria Espinoza

  • Access through mobile services and for special needs environments that incudes necessary services and accessibility to facilities built to provide services, pharmacy services, and mental health services

  • Coordination provided by a resilience hub with dependable and real time information and based on prior mapping of critical care infrastructure

  • Mental health response in real time and especially through one-year anniversary with support for staff and considerations for workforce retention and well-being, including communication strategies and outreach to the public, ensuring visibility of resources available

  • Regulatory requirements for special services, supportive living centers, options for providers, overall support for families and persons with disabilities




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