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Ensuring the repair and resilient rebuilding of homes will be a primary challenge for Lee County in the months and years to come. The focus of the Housing Branch is on providing attainable housing solutions for all residents and building methods to support the needs of the community and workforce.

Lead: Gary Griffin

Tom Oliveri

Bradley Alix

Kevin Besserer

Marion Briggs

Marcia Davis

Richard F. Durling

Lee Ford

Mary Gibbs

Diana Giraldo

Jan-Erik Hustrulid

Dan O'berski

Chris Simoneau

Amy Yearsley

Sharon Ralston

Karen Rodriquez

Malania Mote

  • Consideration to reduce costs of housing and consistency of codes and permitting for efficiency

  • Zoning changes to comprehensive planning that increases density and redevelopment

  • Address workforce housing issues and development incentives for vulnerable populations and communities, particularly in regard to homeless individuals

  • Address immediate and long-term issues related to insurance that individual homeowners and others are facing:
    ◦ Develop solutions to support individual homeowners and residences in navigating the insurance claim process related to Hurricane Ian;
    ◦ Identify potential solutions to address difficulties for individual homeowners and others in securing insurance coverage or significantly increased rates becoming a barrier to homeownership

  • Increase communication and overall improve information available for community education regarding available federal and state programs and the requirements for those programs




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