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El Grupo Operativo de Recuperación está compuesto de ocho divisiones que reúnen  a expertos en la materia en los sectores público, privado, y sin fines de lucro. Estas divisiones revisarán la investigación, los datos y el análisis de la participación comunitaria inicial y continua y confirmarán los hallazgos. Las divisiones identificarán soluciones e involucrarán a socios clave que puedan tener una idea de cómo abordar los problemas.

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Planning & Capacity

As the County recovers, it is critical to build plans that account for livability, choice, and access for all. The Planning and Capacity Branch will work to ensure County plans address where people live, work, and play while strengthening the community to be healthy, resilient, and safe for residents and businesses.

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Education & Workforce

Providing educational opportunities for residents of all ages – from access to higher education to job training for career changers - is essential for promoting a productive and dynamic workforce. The Education and Workforce Branch will help ensure educational opportunities serve the current Southwest Florida economy but are also designed to anticipate changes as a new economy emerges.

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The Infrastructure Branch will work to restore and revitalize the County’s critical infrastructure to support a viable, sustainable community and improve resilience to and protection from future hazards and threats. This includes identifying infrastructure improvements we need to advocate for such as upgrades to water systems and treatment facilities, the electrical grid, transportation, and broadband.

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Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Branch is focused on the protection and recovery of our natural resources and environment. This includes actions taken to preserve, conserve, rehabilitate, and restore these resources in determining what it takes to make our County more resilient.

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Economic Recovery

Ensuring residents can re-establish businesses and provide the goods and services that make our County a vibrant place to visit, work and live is a key priority. The focus of the Economic Recovery Branch is to coordinate with the County’s public, private, and non-profit efforts to develop a long-term vision for our local economy.

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Health & Social Services

The damage caused by Hurricane Ian has made access to healthcare and social services for residents more important than ever. The Health and Social Services Branch will ensure the development and delivery of healthcare and social services enables the community to be resilient.

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Ensuring the repair and resilient rebuilding of homes will be a primary challenge for Lee County in the months and years to come. The focus of the Housing Branch is on providing attainable housing solutions for all residents and building methods to support the needs of the community and workforce.

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Cultural Resources

Hurricane Ian disrupted access to many cultural and artistic experiences and assets. The Cultural Resources Branch is focused on actions that support and secure the role arts and culture play in our communities and how they help to shape our identity.

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