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The Infrastructure Branch will work to restore and revitalize the County’s critical infrastructure to support a viable, sustainable community and improve resilience to and protection from future hazards and threats. This includes identifying infrastructure improvements we need to advocate for such as upgrades to water systems and treatment facilities, the electrical grid, transportation, and broadband.

Lead: Ryan Carter

David Cambrieri

Paul Clinghan

Dave Kistel

Bill Ribble

Rick Schooler

Mike Welch

Jason Sciandra

Steven Sarkozy

Ian Schmoyer

Mikes Maillakakis

Fred Edman

Linda Miller

Denise Vidal

Trish Lassiter

  • Preserving, hardening, and integrating redundant systems into critical infrastructure, such as water, power, transportation, communications, medical facilities, and sanitary infrastructure systems, while including a holistic approach to both public and private providers of services

  • Hardening critical facilities such as potable water systems, Emergency Operations Centers, emergency shelters, fire stations, and hospitals to ensure the first line of defense in an emergency is operational

  • Pre-disaster planning for supplies, evacuation, fuel, and shelter, especially for special needs during emergencies, and cascading points of failure of weak links, including reducing bottlenecks on evacuation routes during an emergency

  • Addressing increased shelter needs and return to normal operations for schools

  • Redundancy in infrastructure, systems, and partnerships, and sharing assets among jurisdictions and outside areas

  • Long-term improvements for livability




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