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Health & Social Services

Health & Social Services

Creating a Mobile Health Clinic System

Provide accessible care by expanding telehealth, mobile clinic, and other services in areas of need.

Health & Social Services

Establishing a Community Resilience Hubs Network

Coordinate a network of community Resilience Hubs – everyday community resource centers that can transition to provide sub-clinical, emergency assistance following a disaster - leveraging existing support centers across the region. As community needs are further understood the County can explore different solutions, widening the network to potentially include a broader range of community-based sites as Hubs, including health, social service, and/or cultural resource centers.

Health & Social Services

Expanding Behavioral Healthcare Facilities and Resources

Address the mental health needs of the community by expanding behavioral health care facilities and resources for residents, enhancing the continuum of care within Lee County and the municipalities.

Health & Social Services

Creating a Resilient Healthcare System from Critical Infrastructure through Essential Services

Facilitate and promote resilience upgrades for healthcare buildings and systems across the spectrum of care throughout the region.




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