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Education & Workforce

Education & Workforce

Expanding Lifelong Learning to Support the Workforce

Promote a flexible and resilient workforce by expanding lifelong learning programs and practices, exposing K-12 students to a broader set of career opportunities, and supporting workers of all ages in meeting the changing needs of the economy

Education & Workforce

Supporting a Diverse and Resilient Economy

Support region-wide economic diversity and resilience by developing sector strategies that support business preparedness planning, improved access to training, increased innovation in hiring and new growth goals.

Education & Workforce

Accessing Early Learning

Position early childhood learning programs to better prepare children for schooling and increase accessibility to high quality Pre-K education and student funding vouchers.

Education & Workforce

Increasing Mental Health Provider Capacity

Increase the number of mental health providers in the region and integrate them in high-need settings, making services available to all residents during blue skies as well as during and after a disaster.

Education & Workforce

Expanding Out of School Programming

Expand coordination of, and investment in, out of school programming to provide K-12 students meaningful wellbeing, academic advancement, and career development opportunities.




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